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Tips when using clothing anti-theft eas system [Bohang]

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Tips when using clothing anti-theft eas system [Bohang]


At present, many small and medium-sized clothing stores have installed clothing anti-theft eas system, but after the installation is completed, there are always frequent problems. On the one hand, the quality of products purchased by many stores is general, and some purchased clothing anti-theft eas system have no after-sales service. It is also a problem that the service personnel lack the basic knowledge of anti-theft, which has caused a lot of troubles for many clothing store businesses, so today I will tell you some precautions when installing the anti-theft device.


clothing anti-theft eas system

The clothing anti-theft system includes a soft and eas hard tag, a decoder or eas detacher, and an anti-theft eas antenna.


First of all, pay attention to the installation of the clothing alarm. This is a very important step. To install the facade, pay attention to keep a certain distance from the checkout counter to avoid interference. The metal antennas or magnetic objects are not required around the anti-theft antenna. Another point is that some clothing stores have more anti-theft antennas. Children and goods are easy to install anti-theft antennas, affecting the antenna usage time, you can install the antenna fence.


 clothing anti-theft eas system


The second thing to note is that the eas soft and hard labels of the clothing should be properly attached. Soft and hard labels should avoid the metal surface anyway, the label placement should be flat, some clothing stores want to save time so they are not carefully pasted, which will also lead to reduced detection, but also pay attention to whether the label is magnetic, must Take care to check it out to avoid economic losses.


The last thing to do is to check if the decoder and eas detacher are useful. Some service personnel have a greater impact on the unlocker than on the locker or the surrounding electromagnetic waves. The cashier must pay attention to degaussing the clothes that each customer brought to checkout. The clothes are generally large, and the second anti-theft tags are relatively small, so be sure to check whether they are taken off, so as to prevent the anti-theft device from alarming when the customer goes out.

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