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Types of Security Tag[Bohang China]

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At present, security tags are widely used, and the labels used in different environments are different. So, many people want to know how many kinds of anti-theft labels there are, and then choose the appropriate labels according to their own needs. Then, what are the common categories of anti-theft labels? Let's do some research together.

1. Soft Labels

This kind of tag is anti-theft through radio frequency and acoustic magnetic. Its advantage is that its cost is relatively low. It only needs to paste it on commodities to achieve anti-theft effect. The whole operation is very simple. The drawback is that it can not be reused, that is to say, the scan is invalid once. At present, this kind of label is mainly used in some shopping malls or supermarkets.


2、Hard tag

This kind of tag, like soft label, also uses radio frequency and acoustic and magnetic methods to help prevent theft. Compared with soft label, its price is higher. The advantage is that it can be reused. So, although the one-time investment is relatively large, the use time is much longer. This kind of label must be equipped with the corresponding nail picker. At present, this kind of tag is mainly used in soft and easily penetrated goods such as clothing.


Advantages of security tag: Good Anti-theft Effect

Many people may think that the security soft label is only a piece of paper, its anti-theft effect is not ideal, but the fact is the opposite. It not only has good anti-theft effect, but also can reduce the probability of false alarm and missed alarm to a certain extent. Therefore, many businesses are willing to choose it. Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on electronic products, EAS electronic goods anti-theft system, acoustic and magnetic anti-theft device, supermarket anti-theft device, clothing store anti-theft device, anti-theft label, has its own technical team and research and development team.

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