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Types of security tag[Bohang China]

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  In clothing stores, we often see security tag on clothes, bags and shoes. This security tag is a magnetic buckle for anti-theft clothing. The magnetic buckle is installed on the garment. When customers settle accounts, they must use the unlocking device to remove it from the revenue, otherwise the security device will alarm when they go out.But there are many kinds of tags for garment theft-proof. Today, Bohang will introduce the commonly used tags for garment theft-proof.

1. Hammer Hard Tag

Hammer tag is the most commonly used security tag. There are three kinds of hammers: small hammer, medium hammer and big hammer. They are mainly different in size. The bigger the hammer, the larger the detection distance is. The detection distance is 1.6 meters, 2 meters and 2.4 meters, respectively.General stores can use small or medium hammers, and the effect is very good, the use of life is also very long, very durable.


2. Slipper Hard Tag

Slipper hard tag is the most commonly used in many chain clothing stores. Its appearance is different from that of hammer. It's shaped like slippers, so it's called slipper label. Her biggest difference is the way to unlock, slipper tags can only be opened by manual or electronic unlockers. Chain stores use this kind of tag because ordinary unlockers can easily be stolen by some people. These thieves can open many anti-theft buckles by purchasing unlockers online, so large clothing merchants will choose to use slipper tags to steal the situation. Here is also a reminder to garment merchants that even if they use hammer labels, they should also use good quality labels, so that ordinary online unlockers can not open it.


3. Ink label

Ink label is a relatively uncommon label. Like its name, it contains ink, and it is not ordinary ink. Once the hard label ink is opened forcibly, it will immediately stick to the clothes. This ink is still indelible. Generally, middle and high-end clothing stores will choose this kind of label, because the price is more expensive than the general label.


4. Soft Label

Soft labels are also used to guard against theft in apparel theft, but very rarely. Soft labels of apparel are mainly wrapped in non-woven cloth and then sewn into clothes. They often look like labels describing ingredients. Most customers usually do not find them as labels and do not know their anti-theft functions, so they are also the least stolen labels. But this label must be labeled in the production process, so it is generally used by direct sellers. This kind of label is a one-time label, so it consumes a lot of money and many businesses are reluctant to use this kind of label.


5. Other types of labels

Clothing security tag have many kinds and shapes, such as steel rope, square, circular, rectangle and so on. The rest are unusual anti-theft hard labels, which are usually sold only when customers have special requirements. Normally, we recommend customers to use conventional hard labels. There are many kinds of security tags, each store uses different kinds of tags, according to the situation of each store to determine what type of tags to use, and sometimes also according to the style of clothing to choose different colors, styles of anti-theft buckle, especially in high-end clothing stores, if you do not know which type to choose or want to know more, you can consult Bohang at any time. We can give you a detailed science popularization.

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