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Understand the basic EAS anti-theft system knowledge, save money and no worry [Bohang]

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Understand the basic EAS anti-theft system knowledge, save money and no worry [Bohang]

Many people know about it before buying a product eas anti-theft system. The most familiar ones are probably the name of the supermarket eas anti-theft system, clothing alarm, etc. Some eas anti-theft system will use your little white to put the general price. The products are very expensive to sell, so the quality of the burglar alarms purchased may be ok, but the price is not high. So today teach you some basic eas anti-theft system knowledge.


 Bohang eas anti-theft system


EAS anti-theft system, also known as electronic goods anti-theft system, is one of the commodity security measures widely used in the large retail industry. At the beginning, you should use the term eas anti-theft system to communicate with the merchant, so it will be more professional. The EAS system is mainly composed of a detector, a decoder and an electronic tag. The main thing is the number and price of the eas anti-theft system. The design quantity and installation of the equipment are provided by the merchant. It is also determined whether the purchased eas anti-theft system is acoustic or radio frequency. The acoustic magnet is currently the main push, and you can learn more about some AM equipment.


 Bohang eas anti-theft system

Want to know the price/performance ratio of an EAS alarm, first ask him about the difference between the products, what are the advantages with other homes, how to deal with the eas anti-theft system, you may not understand after listening, but you have to listen to him Some tone to judge whether he is professional, and one thing is that if you are particularly cheap, don’t buy it. It’s really a waste of money, because it will take a long time to buy it, it will be bad, and it won’t be repaired. It’s really If you are particularly rich and don't care about the provincial money, then buy sensormatic.

Bohang eas anti-theft system

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