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We can not ignore the Small supermarket security

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Nowadays, a lot of small supermarkets think of course that installing monitoring devices can guarantee the security against theft in supermarkets, but often the reality is not satisfactory, and not achieving the desired effect. Because for supermarket, there are some blind items in supermarket that hard to be monitored. Then some people found this fact and steal things, If not monitored, they can easily leave the supermarket.

So, we should try our best to do anti-theft measures for supermarket, we can install two EAS systems in front of the door and reduce the theft of the supermarket.Combined with anti-theft monitoring, the security of the supermarket can be greatly guaranteed.

But for supermarket's overall layout and supermarket design,we also need to keep the passageway smoothly,Keep a straight line not crisscrossing, the goods rack should be placed in order.the supermarket items should be placed scientifically, and we should not leave the dead corner of supermarket. This can ensure the safety of the supermarket to the greatest extent.

We should also pay attention to the following three points:

1.Keep the right distance between the cashier and the shop door! It is arranged vertically with the cargo frame, in order to conveniently to be monitored.

2.When install the EAS systems, put on hard tags for big and expensive items, put on soft labels on small and expensive items. The price of soft labels are not high, so do not worry too much about the increase in the cost, which greatly reduced the loss rate of goods also played a very good deterrent effect on thieves.

3.Do not place large electronic equipment around the supermarket anti-theft device, which will affect the detection sensitivity of the anti-theft device.

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