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What about always losing things in stores?

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What about always losing things in stores?

Many stores always losing things, such as clothing stores, supermarket, luxury stores and other private shops. When clothes or things are lost, shop assistants or boss can't find out in time, after closing the stores, they check the bills, it doesn't help anything that's lost, and things are impossible to find back. Even if they call the police, policeman can't handle these things immediately, especially in big cities where there is so much traffic. If we are shop assistants, what can we do?Yes, we need something to protect our benefits. Now, modern science and technology are developed quickly, supermarket anti-theft system and clothing store anti-theft system are becoming more and more popular.




We believe that there are still a few people who don't know what EAS anti-theft system is. In other words, many people know EAS anti-theft system, but they don't know how it works and its function. Today, we will discuss that how do we guard against theft. In the street, anti-theft system is basically installed regardless of the size of the store. At present, there are two types anti-theft systems at the market, they are AM system and RF system. The price of AM system is higher than RF system, many people do not understand the reasons.  In view of the long application time of RF anti-theft devices, many supermarkets and clothing shops still use the past RF anti-theft devices, and RF anti-theft devices are subject to external interference factors, its stability is poor, and false positives often occur. AM anti-theft system is more stable than RF anti-theft devices, low sensitivity to metal, and can provide a certain protection effect for some products with metal. If you install anti-theft system

in your store, the lost things will be found immediately, the anti-theft system can reduce your losses.



 Any store wants to establish a good relationship with customers. If you want to use this highly stable EAS AM system to protect your stores, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with best service.

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