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What are the advantages of the supermarket AM anti-theft system

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What are the advantages of the supermarket AM anti-theft system


The AM anti-theft system is widely used in the supermarket anti-theft equipment. Compared with the previous use of radio frequency anti-theft devices, the acoustic and magnetic burglar anti-theft devices have many advantages. On the basis of radio frequency anti-theft devices, a lot of performance functions have been strengthened. Of course, the price will be higher than RF, but the cost performance is relatively high. At present, the supermarket widely uses sound and magnetic anti-theft system or design according to customer needs, but there are still many supermarkets who want to try to use AM equipments, but the understanding of the AM anti-theft devices is not comprehensive enough to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the AM anti-theft system for a few days.



1, the anti-theft performance is stable, and the detection distance is widened. Compared to acoustic magnetic and radio frequency anti-theft system, the sensitivity of the acoustic and magnetic guard antenna is high, the detection rate is up to 98%, almost zero misinformation, special anti power interference design, pulse wave and alternating magnetic field excitation technology, so that the overall performance is very stable. The acoustic magnetic system not only has better anti-theft performance, but also appears more beautiful in installation distance.

2, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the rate of misinformation is reduced. There are often a lot of electrical and scripting materials in the supermarket. The radio frequency system is usually disturbed by these systems. The electromagnetic wave will be unstable, and the misinformation occurs. Just imagine that if a customer misleads a supermarket security device after buying a product, it will bring bad psychological reactions to customers and affect the shopping experience of supermarkets. But the low interference sound proof device can reduce the embarrassment caused by the false alarm of the anti-theft equipment, avoid the bad shopping experience in the shopping process, and increase the customer's trust and the degree of good feeling to the store.

3, the appearance design is beautiful and generous, improve the grade. Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment in appearance has a great improvement, no longer the use of aluminum alloy and iron materials, changed into ABS high strength plastic and stainless steel materials, and Nanjing Bo avionics also have more tall acrylic transparent electric plate, the appearance is very good!! It's very good in high-end supermarkets and clothing. High grade acrylic sound and magnetic anti-theft device beautiful and generous, good workmanship, in the case of anti-theft, but also to improve the grade of the store, high grade anti-theft equipment for high grade goods.


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