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What are the anti-theft techniques of anti-theft eas system[Bohang]?

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What are the anti-theft techniques of anti-theft eas system[Bohang]?


 Most of the clothing stores are now open sales, resulting in the goods in the clothing store can not be effectively protected, which will bring a certain loss to the business. In order to reduce the loss caused by the loss of goods, some open clothing stores will install anti-theft eas system to protect the goods, and in the overall design of the store, we must pay attention to the layout of the clothing store and the skills of clothing display, so as to better protect the clothing. The safety of in-store merchandise.


Bohang anti-theft eas system


1. Display some of the most easily stolen goods in the place where the clerk's sight is most visited. The easiest place to see is that there is no visual dead space. Even when the clerk is very busy, he can take care of these goods and increase the thief's crime. Difficulties are conducive to reducing theft loss of goods. Goods that are easily stolen should not be placed near the exit.


 2Take a centralized approach, some high-priced, easily lost goods are concentrated in a relatively small area, which is a safe way of displaying goods, more conducive to theft of goods.


3. Effective monitoring of the area where the shop is prone to theft. There are often dead corners or invisible areas in the store, areas that are easy to mix, areas with insufficient lighting, areas with narrow passages, and areas with cluttered goods, which are places that thieves like to patronize. These places are effectively monitored with closed circuit appliances.


Bohang anti-theft eas system

  4.Conditional to consider installing a burglar alarm at the exit of the store, all the goods in the store are affixed with anti-theft tags, the cashier uses a nail remover to deal with the overdue items, the cashier removes the label. When the customer takes the item with the anti-theft buckle, an alarm sounds at the exit where the anti-theft antenna is placed, which can prevent the theft from happening in time.


  There are many kinds of anti-theft programs in the store, but not every anti-theft solution can have a real anti-theft effect on your store. Therefore, operators should develop a set of suitable stores according to the layout of their own stores. Anti-theft measures. Strengthen the training and management of store staff, improve the preventive ability of store salespersons, and prevent internal theft.

\Bohang anti-theft eas system

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