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What are the benefits of installing an concealed eas anti-theft system? [Bohang]

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What are the benefits of installing an concealed eas anti-theft system? [Bohang]


Many people don't understand the eas anti-theft system. As the name implies, the concealed eas anti-theft system literally lays the anti-theft system directly to a depth of about 3 feet below the ground. When the floor tiles are laid on it, it is truly invisible. The concealed eas anti-theft system has a compact structure and the host is installed in a mosaic mode. It does not occupy the store area, and does not affect the overall layout of the store. It can also effectively protect the goods. The key is to enable customers to shop without barriers and create good shopping for customers. Atmosphere. Effectively improve the service efficiency of the store, bringing customers a different consumer experience.


 Bohang concealed eas anti-theft system


Just briefly introduced to everyone what is called the ground anti-theft system, let's talk about the benefits of installing the concealed eas anti-theft system?


1. The antenna for installing the concealed eas anti-theft system is completely concealed under the floor, which does not affect the beautiful appearance of the store, while maintaining excellent anti-theft performance of electronic products, and also improves the utilization of space. Adapt to the installation of various flooring materials, such as wood flooring, concrete or other flooring. Buried underground antennas provide wide exit protection without affecting passenger traffic. This system provides a flexible and convenient installation when traditional acoustic magnetic systems cannot be installed.


 Bohang concealed eas anti-theft system


2. Install the concealed eas anti-theft system. The remote sound and light alarm can remind the clerk. The single launch and receiver can protect the 1.8-meter wide exit and the protection height is 0.8-1.2 meters. LEDs are installed on the control panel near the installed concealed eas anti-theft system, so customers can keep track of the system's operating conditions.


3. The installation frequency of the anti-theft system is 58 kHz, which is used in retail stores such as clothing stores, luggage stores, jewelry stores, fur shops, optical shops, sports goods stores, maternity stores, hot pot restaurants. Installing a buried anti-theft system is a very good choice.

Bohang concealed eas anti-theft system

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