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What are the benefits of using a eas deactivator?

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What are the benefits of using a eas deactivator?

When the eas soft label is used, it is attached to the merchandise. When the cash register is used, the label is demagnetized by the eas deactivator, so that the customer does not alarm when passing the security door through the eas security door. Otherwise, if the product passes through the eas security door without degaussing through the eas deactivator, The eas soft label attached to the product will cause the anti-theft host to sound an alarm and prompt the store staff to check. Let's take a look at the benefits of using a eas deactivator.


1.To improve the efficiency of cash register

Nowadays, the advanced eas deactivator adopts the most advanced digital signal technology and has a large effective degaussing range, which can completely degauss the eas soft label without physical contact with the commodity, thus improving the cashier's processing speed, so for the supermarkets with many consumers, the improvement of the cash register rate is very helpful.

2. To prevent theft of goods

Because basically all products are now labeled eas tags, so you need to use a professional eas deactivator to degauss when paying at the checkout counter. However, if the customer hides the goods, the eas soft label on the product is not degaussed. Then, as soon as you approach, the anti-theft device inside the anti-theft detection door will emit a howling, therefore, the use of theeas deactivator can effectively protect the product from theft.

3.Let consumers shop more freely

If you don't use a eas deactivator, you can't use eas soft tags on the goods. When consumers are shopping, the clerk needs to put more manpower and energy to pay attention to the consumer's activity track in order to avoid theft of goods. And behavior. Not only increase the investment of the supermarket, but also make consumers uncomfortable, but after using the degaussing device, consumers can freely purchase goods.

This is the advantage that the retail store can bring after using the eas deactivator. Although the eas deactivator is only a small device, it plays an important role in improving the consumer shopping experience and satisfaction, and improving the anti-theft rate of the product. 

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