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What are the characteristics of AM eas systerm [Bohang]

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What are the characteristics of AM eas systerm [Bohang]


With the development of science and technology, the use of AM anti-theft eas systerm is becoming more and more widespread, mainly because the AM eas systerm are more stable, the detection is better, almost zero false positives, and the situation of interference is much less, which can better cater to The comprehensive needs of commodity stores. At present, the AM anti-theft eas systerm has promoted the modernized product anti-theft system more and more respected. When the merchant purchases the anti-theft eas systerm, it starts to choose more AM anti-theft eas systerms. The following introduces some characteristics of the AM anti-theft eas systerm.


 Bohang AM anti-theft eas systerm


1. Operation and installation process is simple


General anti-theft manufacturers with a certain scale will provide design services and installation services before installation, designing professional engineers on-site design and installation, so that the subsequent use will reduce some troubles, the sound and magnetic anti-theft system and the support integrated No external host is required. Wireless synchronization, power-on plug and play, making installation and debugging very simple. Engineers have less installation time, reducing the impact of installations on store operations; for self-installed stores, the complexities of weak electrical installations are alleviated.


 Bohang AM anti-theft eas systerm


2. Less energy consumption


Professional product anti-theft manufacturers through the current technical application and years of experience, combined with long-term anti-theft demand, better achieve the comprehensive requirements of low energy consumption, the introduction of advanced energy-saving equipment into the product of anti-theft equipment to create, in the protection of theft quality The scope reduces the expenditure on energy consumption, improves the comprehensive utilization efficiency of commodity anti-theft, better caters to the concept of modern store operation, and ensures the comprehensive benefit of the store.

Bohang AM anti-theft eas systerm

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