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What are the characteristics of the supermarket eas deactivator?

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What are the characteristics of the supermarket eas deactivator?

If you are shopping in the supermarket, many items have a magnetic eas soft label on it. When charging, you need to use a eas deactivator  to eliminate the magnetic force on the eas soft label to avoid alarm when passing through security door. The eas deactivator is very convenient to use, and it can play an effective anti-theft function when combined with the eas system. What are the characteristics of the supermarket eas deactivator? The following we will introduce in detail for everyone.


1.High sensitivity

Because the supermarket high sensitivity uses cutting-edge digital signal processing technology, this technology is currently leading in the industry, and through the relevant certification, there is no need to directly contact the item when degaussing the item. It is possible to sensitively sense the above magnetism and quickly eliminate the magnetic properties on the product, avoiding misunderstandings caused by the fact that the magnetic properties are not completely disappeared.

2. Can be embedded installation

Supermarket eas deactivator is made of high-quality materials, the decoder board uses a very high-strength engineering plastics, which can effectively prevent the degaussing damage caused by accidental falling objects, and the production is full mold Molding technology, installed in the supermarket cashier, not only looks simple and simple, but also can be embedded in accordance with the layout of the checkout counter, so that the work surface and the checkout countertops maintain a uniform water level.

3. Can synchronize the antenna system

Although it is very small in size, but because it uses advanced technology, it can be synchronized with the antenna system during use to ensure stable operation of the antenna system and the degaussing system, and it will not work during operation. They have electromagnetic influences with each other, so they can be widely applied to various large and small supermarkets that rely on the acoustic magnetic system for theft prevention.

Eas soft label is one of the most commonly used anti-theft measures in supermarkets, but it needs to be used together with eas deactivator, because if you do not use eas deactivator, then when everyone goes out with the goods that have already paid The detection door installed at the doorway starts to alarm because the magnetic tag is sensed, so the degausser plays an important role in the entire trading chain.

Above is the supermarket anti-theft device manufacturer - Bohang Electronics for everyone to summarize the details of the eas deactivator.We sincerely welcome customers to come to consult!

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