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What are the components of the supermarket anti-theft system?

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What are the components of the supermarket anti-theft system?

The supermarket anti-theft system consists of a detector, an electronic sensor tag, a decoder and an eas detacher.

The supermarket anti-theft detection system consists of a transmitting system, a receiving system and a system power supply, and is placed at an exit, an employee's passage, a locker room, etc., for detecting an electronic sensor tag on the product.


Inductive Labels Inductive labels are classified into eas hard tags, soft labels, and other special labels based on their performance. Hard tags consist of label nails and hard labels, mainly to protect knitted fabrics, etc. The soft label is shaped like a bar code and is mainly used for small items such as washing supplies.Special labels are used to protect some special items, such as milk powder labels, wine bottle labels, protective boxes, wire ropes, etc.

Deactivator and detacher consists of a decoder and a decoder board placed at the checkout counter to relieve the alarm performance of the electronically sensed the tag. The detacher is placed at the checkout counter to open and recycle the electronic induction hard tag and some special tags.

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