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What are the differences between eas AM doors and RF doors?

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What are the differences between eas AM doors and RF  doors? 

There are many merchants who do not know the difference between the eas AM security door and the RF security door when purchasing the product anti-theft device. In fact, the alarm principle and the frequency of use used by the two are different. Therefore, when designing the supermarket anti-theft system, it needs to be used reasonably. Supermarket anti-theft access control is generally divided into two types: acoustic magnetic security door and radio frequency security door. Among them, the radio frequency security door is a security door installed in many supermarkets before. It is applied earlier and is used widely and cheaply. The magnetic security door is a product developed later, and the stability and detection rate are better, so the price will naturally be higher.

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The RF security door is an electric field that the RF antenna emits a frequency modulated signal and then generates an alert. When a radio frequency tag enters this electric field range, the security door will resonate and alarm. The difference between the acoustic and magnetic security doors is the resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle, which is close to the operation of almost zero false alarm. When the frequency of the signal coincides with the oscillation frequency of the tag, the tag will cause resonance and generate a resonance signal; the acoustic magnetic security door will alarm.


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In addition to the price of the sound and magnetic security door, other aspects are better than the RF security door. First, the store installation width is larger, the distance of the soft label is 1.2-1.6 meters; the detection distance of the hard label is 1.6-2.4 meters, two labels Generally higher than RF. And it can achieve wireless synchronization without the need for error frequency. Secondly, the stability and anti-interference performance of the acoustic magnetic security door is better, and it is not as disturbed as the radio frequency. The acoustic magnetic security door can be applied to most store environments.

At present, if you have a budget enough to install an anti-theft device, it is recommended to buy an acoustic magnetic security door. If it is not up to the budget, then buy a radio frequency device, but before you buy it, you should consult whether it is suitable for installation. Otherwise, it will not be worth the loss after installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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