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What are the factors affecting the price of supermarket EAS system

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What are the factors affecting the price of supermarket EAS system


Supermarkets often have a high frequency of theft incidents in the retail industry. Because there are many types of goods, different sizes, and large passenger flow. Therefore, supermarkets will take some measures to solve the problem of anti-theft. Install monitoring equipment for easy access to evidence. Medium and large supermarkets will choose to install supermarket EAS System to select some important and easily stolen goods. If you are interested in this EAS System, you can learn about it online. The price difference between different EAS System is also very big. Today, Bohang electronic co.,ltd introduces several factors that affect the price of supermarket EAS system, so that everyone has a full understanding of this product.



1: brand factors

Any brand on the market, the price of a brand is often higher than no, so the impact of a product's brand on the price is still relatively large. If you want to buy a supermarket EAS system, the first thing you notice is its brand. Because of the good brand, the quality of the EAS system is more secure. The good brand has its own special after-sales service,this aspect is that many merchants cannot meet. Therefore, this has also led to an increase in the price of the EAS system and good after-sales service can have a good product guarantee.


2: material factors

The material of each anti-theft device is different. Although they are all acrylic and ABS plastic, the thickness and density are different. The good EAS system is thicker and stronger, it is not easy to deform and discolor.They have been used for a long time, and they are all made of environmentally-friendly and safe new materials, and comply with national standards. If we want to buy EAS system with good quality, good anti-theft effect and long cycle, then the money will be increased accordingly. The above two points are important factors affecting the price of the EAS system. I hope that everyone can choose the appropriate and reliable EAS system according to my suggestion.

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