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What are the interference factors of the AM anti-theft security door?[BOHANG China]

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What are the interference factors of the AM anti-theft security door?[BOHANG China]

Retail store anti-theft system must be familiar to many people.We often see it when shopping.Its application solves the problem of open sales anti-theft for retail store.There are two types anti-theft systems currently in use in the market,they are AM and RF anti-theft system.Everyone knows that RF anti-theft security doors are susceptible to false alarms caused by many factors.Therefore, the most commonly used anti-theft devices are AM, but sometimes the AM system also has false alarms. After all,there is no anti-theft device with zero false alarms.What are the interference factors of the AM anti-theft security door? The following editors will introduce it to everyone.

bohang AM anti-theft security door

The working process of the AM anti-theft security door,simply to say,using the resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle,o achieve almost zero false alarm operation. When the frequency of the transmitted signal is consistent with the oscillating frequency of the AM  tag,the AM tag is similar to a tuning fork and will cause resonance to generate a resonance signal.When the receiver detects the resonance signal 4-8 times (adjustable) continuously,the receiving system will Sound an alarm.

bohang AM anti-theft security door

In fact, the principle is very simple.According to this principle, the factors that can generally affect the false alarm of the AM anti-theft security door are nothing more than the tag's oscillation frequency or the sensitivity adjustment of the anti-theft device itself.

Generally, the frequency of the AM anti-theft security door may be caused by large electrical equipment or magnetic fields nearby.At this time, the security door will sound a long beep.There is also the possibility that the signal frequency of a mobile phone,when it comes to the phone or when it is turned on may cause a false alarm of the AM anti-theft security door.

Bohang AM anti-theft security door

There are many false alarms in the current AM anti-theft security door.It is nothing more than the debugging problem of the EAS system.It may be that the sensitivity is too low.Adjust the sensitivity of the anti-theft device.Otherwise, it may be a quality problem.False alarms will occur on parts damage,etc.

AM anti-theft security door

In general, the AM anti-theft security doors have a high detection rate,are not shielded by metal foil, have good anti-interference performance, and have a wide range of protected exits.It is an ideal anti-theft device on the market.

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