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What are the losses of supermarket anti-theft eas system

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What are the losses of supermarket anti-theft eas system?


For supermarkets with small profits and quick turnover, any loss is a huge loss.

There are two kinds of wastage in the supermarket. One is known wastage, such as vegetable leaves falling, fruit rotting, meat and eggs deteriorating and so on. These are due to customer picking, natural damage or improper management. This part of the loss relies on strengthening management measures, strengthening staff's sense of responsibility, secondary processing and sale of damaged goods (such as night discounts) and other measures to reduce. The other is the unknown loss, which is mainly caused by theft.

Unknown loss prevention can only rely on the supermarket's "security" system, that is, "supermarket damage prevention department" work. Supermarket anti-theft staff to prevent two loopholes: one is the theft of internal personnel, one is the theft of external personnel. Internal stealing is reflected in the staff stealing goods, staff and Supplier personnel jointly stealing goods (such as deliberate mistakes in inventory), staff stealing food and drink. These behaviors are concentrated in the night and in the storeroom, and the damage prevention personnel should often check into the warehouse.

Theoretically, any customer may steal. Especially in winter, customers wear thicker clothes, it is easy to put small goods into the bag and pocket, the appearance can not be seen. Savings and bags can't solve the problem of customers putting their goods in their pockets and underwear. The measures taken by supermarket burglars are to go to work in plain clothes, pretending that customers are walking around the stores and glancing at customers. Experienced supermarket security personnel can identify which customers are not "real customers" at a glance.

Even so, theft can not be stopped.

For high-priced goods, such as cosmetics, clothing shoes and hats, supermarkets install anti-theft eas system on the packaging of goods, customers check out, the cashier will take off the anti-theft buckles. If no anti theft button is removed, the scanning opportunity for the exit will be alerted. Anti theft eas system are more expensive, but they must be installed or reused. In addition to the burglar buckles that customers can see, there are "burglar-proof soft labels" on some goods, which are magnetic pastes that require the cashier to demagnetize to take away, otherwise the scanner will alarm.

The most common headache for supermarket security personnel is gang crime. These people make a living by stealing supermarkets, and often replace people. Some of the gang members are women and children, so it is easy to muddle through. Supermarket staff routine inspection, they play mixed crying, so the supermarket also hired women to prevent theft of women to persuade them into the office search. Supermarket staff do not have the power to enforce the law. When they encounter thieves, they often give warnings to thieves. For thieves of greater value, they should ask the police to handle the case.

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