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What are the main application places of eas supermarket RF system

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What are the main application places of eas supermarket RF system


Supermarket eas anti-theft system is divided into two parts: eas RF system and eas AM system. Then, what advantages does eas radio frequency system have for supermarket anti-theft doors and where are they mainly applied? Today, the eas anti-theft door manufacturer of Bohang Electronic answers this question for you.

In many clothing stores, we could see a large number of eas RF system anti-theft devices, while in some high-end chain stores and stores, we often see the eas AM system supermarket anti-theft devices. It can be seen that the anti-theft door of radio frequency system is mainly used in small and medium-sized stores, because it is cheaper.

Because the performance and anti-interference ability of the eas AM anti-theft system is better than that of the eas RF system, the installation distance of the AM anti-theft door is wider, and the cost of the AM anti-theft door is also much higher. For most clothing stores and supermarkets, the anti-theft door of radio frequency system has met the demand, and from the cost of eas soft labels, the cost is also small.

Advantages: affordable price, low cost, good anti-theft performance. This is the main advantage of the anti-theft equipment of the radio frequency system, so it has also been widely used.

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