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What are the measures for supermarket anti-theft eas system? [Bohang China]

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What are the measures for supermarket anti-theft eas system? [Bohang China]


The technical precautions for large-scale supermarket anti-theft eas system is very perfect. Generally, electronic anti-theft systems are installed and assisted by TV surveillance technology anti-theft system. Large-scale supermarket anti-theft eas system system consists of antenna, decoder , anti-theft tag (security tag) composition. Compared with the electronic goods anti-theft system, the TV monitoring system does not directly capture thieves, but it can help managers to intuitively understand what is happening in the surveillance mall, find suspicious events, and deter and deter those who have theft. effect. At the same time, the TV monitoring system can also find inside thieves, and can record the occurrence process of the incident as evidence for later investigation and evidence collection. During the business hours, we should focus on ensuring real-time surveillance video of the following locations:

Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system


1. Monitoring of all corners of large supermarket anti-theft eas system. Different from the clothing store, the supermarket can look at the customer in real time, and the customer can shop as much as he wants. Therefore, by using the remote video monitoring system, it is convenient to monitor a large number of shelves through a camera installed in a ceiling or the like to check whether there is stealing in the supermarket, and there is sufficient evidence to hand over to the police when the thief is caught.


2. Checkout at the checkout counter. The checkout counter is the easiest place to rub against customers. Using the remote video monitoring system, the camera installed at the checkout counter can monitor the communication between the employees of the cashier and the customers, and see if the staff is polite. In this way, it is possible to handle disputes with customers and improve the service level of supermarkets.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system

3. Supermarket security door. supermarket anti-theft eas system system is the most effective anti-theft device in anti-theft. After installing anti-theft tags, it can effectively prevent them from stealing. The average person can't open the anti-theft buckle, and the anti-theft device can give those who have the power of stealing and enhance the anti-theft effect of large supermarkets.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system

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