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What are the need to pay attention to when installing EAS anti-theft equipment

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Spare time to chat with the engineering colleagues, learn that they are recently busy, shuttle in different cities every day, busy installation of anti-theft equipment. Although this time is the peak of the year, but compared to previous years, this year seems to be especially busy recently a lot of small and medium-sized clothing stores are busy installing EAS anti-theft devices, may be the end of the clothing store business is good, the owners in order to prevent stolen goods, you have chosen to install anti-theft equipment.

Then these small and medium-sized clothing stores in the installation of EAS anti-theft equipment, what need to pay attention to it? Today, Bo Airlines small editor in order to sort out some related content for your reference!

First of all, the advantage of installing anti-theft equipment in clothing stores:

Some clothing stores used to install surveillance devices to guard against theft. Most shopkeepers choose to spend their leisure time or find that stores have fewer items, so they will adjust recent monitoring to find out the loss of goods. If the installation of the clothing alarm, the passive anti-theft for the active anti-theft, and reduce friction with the customer.

If the shopping mall installed a clothing alarm, salesmen would not be worried about stealing goods, but they were scolded by the boss. They could concentrate on serving customers, customers satisfied, and sales volume increased automatically. Relieving the psychological pressure of the salesmen, improving the quality of service and promoting the increase of sales.

The use of clothing burglar alarm is no longer necessary as before. A salesperson in a store arranges several salesmen to stare at the merchandise, which objectively ensures that reducing the number of personnel in the mall is possible and greatly reduces the cost of employing.

Secondly, the clothing store in the installation of EAS equipment to pay attention to the beauty:

Clothing stores give people a sense of high experience, so when installing EAS anti-theft equipment, it generally requires a higher beauty. According to the size of the shop and the layout of the door, the backside of the door to the door is generally recommended. If the budget is allowed, a more beautiful acrylic antenna support is proposed. It is suggested that the sound proof system is used, because the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system has a wider detection distance than the radio frequency, and the appearance of the label is relatively small, which is more conducive to concealment.

If the store is very high, and the customer is higher, and more concerned about the customer's sense of respect, it is suggested to use the sound and magnetic concealment system. For the relatively small size of the clothing store or lower price of goods, the lower price of the clothing store, can also appropriately select a more affordable radio frequency anti-theft system.

Design principles of clothing store anti-theft system:

(1) the design plan should take full consideration of the image of the shop, and must ensure the beauty of the shop.

(2) the installation position of the anti-theft equipment is certain and reasonable, to ensure the normal circulation of the personnel and the freight yard.

(3) it is convenient for the security personnel to deal with the police situation.

(4) ensure that the goods are effectively protected;

Finally, the clothing store in the installation of EAS anti-theft equipment, the general recommendation of the installation of the back of the door, does not affect the customer's sight, also does not affect the import and export of goods. If there is no special situation, it is not recommended that the installation of the elevator is within 3 meters from the elevator.

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