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What are the precautions for installing EAS anti-theft devices[BOHANG CHINA]

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What are the precautions for installing EAS anti-theft devices[BOHANG CHINA]

Many supermarkets and retail stores now install some EAS anti-theft devices in their stores in order to prevent theft of goods.Like anti-theft mirrors, anti-theft monitoring, anti-theft alarm systems, etc. are commonly used anti-theft equipment.Among them the EAS anti-theft device is better.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

Many retail stores in supermarkets and malls will install it, but many stores do not have as much budget cost as large supermarkets, so they generally choose to install it by themselves.When installing the EAS anti-theft devices by yourself, many problems will occur during the later period of use due to nonprofessional. so today we will introduce you to some precautions when installing the EAS anti-theft device in the store.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

EAS anti-theft device installation is actually not difficult, but some installation details are very important.The main part of the installation is actually the anti-theft detector.First of all, we must determine the equipment quantity and related accessories are complete.At the same time, make preparations for installation and prepare tools for installation.bohang EAS anti-theft device

Place the equipment on the installation location to test the label effect after power-on test.Then determine the exact location of the equipment installation.After everything is prepared, mark the point of the slot and expansion screw for construction.After the construction is completed, fix the EAS anti-theft device.Then connect the wire and debugging.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

1,The detection distance requires layout according to the size of the store and the size of the entrance door.

2,Secondly, it is recommended to use AM EAS anti-theft device.Because the AM EAS anti-theft device has a wider detection interval than the RF EAS anti-theft device. And the label has a relatively small appearance and is more concealed.

3,Determine the location before installing,don't blindly use expansion screws to fix the base.

4,Configure an independent power supply, otherwise the detection effect will not only be affected by the voltage instability when sharing the power supply with other appliances.There may even be a situation where the power supply is overloaded and the power supply fires or burns out. This kind of safety hazard needs special attention, so it is important to pay attention to details during the installation process.

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