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What are the precautions for the use of supermarket anti-theft eas tags?

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What are the precautions for the use of supermarket anti-theft eas tags?


Precautions when using supermarket anti-theft eas tags

1. All supermarket anti-theft eas tags can not be directly attached to metal objects and products with metal film packaging,such as various iron, aluminum, copper, etc.; chocolate, toothpaste, some precious wine with tin thin packaging Class boxes, etc. The AM eas soft label can be properly placed on the item with thin tin package, and it is not necessary to test the effect and paste it.

Solution: Iron and other items should be hard-coded as much as possible, and some can be protected with a protective cord; tin-packed goods with a carton attached to the carton (as far as possible from the metal, or relatively less touch), no The carton needs to be tested with a hand-held eas detacher or temporarily not attached.

2. A bundle of wires and cables passing through the eas antennas may cause an alarm. Acoustic magnetic anti-theft eas devices are generally affected.

Solution: Try not to pass the supermarket eas antennas (usually internal staff).

3. If the voltage changes indefinitely or the variation is too large, it may cause self-alarm. Failure to ground properly may result in reduced performance or even inoperability.

Solution: Single independent power supply, supermarket should increase the anti-theft eas system should pay attention not to share the power supply with the system; plus a regulated power supply (UPS); timely report to our company to help solve.

4. Changes in the supermarket anti-theft eas system may cause the device to work unsteadily. Such as: increase the variety of equipment, shelf position changes (close to the system may have eas tags on the items); cloth wires directly close to the system's surface, ceiling, etc.; other layout changes.

Solution: Please fully consider the impact on the supermarket anti-theft eas system when making changes, and try not to move at the edge of the system.

5. Unsuccessful goods purchased by customers in other shopping malls. Such as: wallets, handbags, books, clothing, etc.

Solution: Some things take the storage method; small items can be used to ensure the security of small items when handling security; such items in the mall can use eas hard tags.

6. The electrical equipment used in the construction process may interfere with the normal operation of the system.

Solution: Do not construct as much as possible during business hours; temporarily shut down the supermarket anti-theft system and resume after the construction is completed. When handling, you can see the machine; such items in this mall can use hard tags as hard tags as possible.

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