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What are the requirements for installing an eas anti-theft alarm door in a clothing shop? [Bohang China]

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What are the requirements for installing an eas anti-theft alarm door in a clothing shop? [Bohang China]


In life, when you go shopping in the department store, you will find small pillars on the doorsteps of some shops selling shoes and hats. Some people dont know what this is. In fact, it is an eas anti-theft alarm door that prevents thieves from stealing goods. As long as someone picks up the goods that have not been decoded by the store for decoding degaussing, they will trigger an alarm, and the thief will be stunned and won. Some merchants have installed such clothing alarms in order to reduce the losses caused by theft. What should these shops pay attention to when installing the burglar alarm door? Today, Bohang China will tell you.


 Bohang eas anti-theft alarm door


First of all, the clothing store should pay attention to the beauty when installing the eas anti-theft alarm door. Clothing stores need to give people a high sense of experience, so the aesthetic requirements are usually higher when installing the clothing eas anti-theft alarm door, the detection spacing is very wide, and the layout should be based on the size and exit of the store.

Secondly, when the clothing store chooses the eas anti-theft alarm door, it is recommended to use the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system because the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system has a wider detection interval than the radio frequency anti-theft system, and the label has a relatively small appearance and is more concealed. If the clothing store has very high aesthetic requirements and high levels of customer satisfaction, it is recommended to use an acoustic magnetic concealed anti-theft system. For clothing stores that require cheaper or relatively small layouts, you can also choose a more affordable RF anti-theft system, the effect is relatively better than the soundproof anti-theft system.


Bohang eas anti-theft alarm door

Also pay attention to the following design principles for clothing store anti-theft systems:

1. When designing the plan, we must fully consider the image of the store, we must ensure the beauty of the store;

2. The installation position of the eas anti-theft alarm door must be reasonable to ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods;

3. Ensure that the goods are effectively protected;

In addition, when installing the anti-theft security door of the clothing store, it is generally recommended to install on the back of the door, which will not affect the customer's line of sight, nor will it affect the entry and exit of the goods. If there are no special circumstances, it is generally not recommended to install within 3 meters of the elevator.

Bohang eas anti-theft alarm door

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