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What are the techniques for supermarket and clothing anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]

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What are the techniques for supermarket and clothing anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]


Today, Bohang Electronics will tell you about the techniques of supermarket and clothing anti-theft devices. In the process of our anti-theft, we must pay attention to the methods and techniques. Many times we need some tips to catch the thief. If you encounter misunderstanding, you need some Tips to reduce customer dislike.


 Bohang clothing anti-theft devices


1. Judging by observing the strange behavior of the thief. The general thief pays attention to only the surface, so you can choose let the thieves not observe the angle of view to observe their every move, and then arrest him when he does not pay the order to get out of the clothing anti-theft devices.


2. Armored shopping, on-site forensics When we collect evidence for suspicious customers, we can also pretend to be customers, purchase goods in the mall to achieve the purpose and effect of surveillance.


3. All staff joint defense, inorganic can be used to sneak, we must not be too hasty, we must pay attention to the method of evidence collection, and employees to prevent each other.


Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

5. Store mobile services, create some atmosphere for gang-like thieves, such thieves are professional. Therefore, we take precautions as the mainstay, which requires everyone to enhance their mobility services and not give them the chance to steal. If you are sure to collect evidence, you should report the supermarket and clothing security personnel in advance to avoid accidents.


6. Arrange for off-site tracking. For those suspicious customers who are attached to the store, when the goods are stolen and cannot be determined, and there is no other means of obtaining evidence, we can immediately report the situation to the administrator and then track the off-site.

Bohang clothing anti-theft devices

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