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What are the types of clothing security tags[Bohang China]

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  We often see hard security tags on clothing, bags and shoes in the clothing store. When the customer settles, it must be used tag remover to remove at the receiving platform. otherwise the EAS system will alarm, when you pass it.But there are many types of security tag for clothing anti-theft. Now,we will introduce them for you,then you can choose what types is suitable for your store.The security tag divided into hard tags,soft labels and other types tag.


   There are also soft labels used in anti-theft of clothing to prevent theft, but it is very rare. The soft labels of clothing are mainly wrapped with non-woven fabrics, and then sewn into the clothes. They often look like label descriptions. Most customers generally do not find it is a soft label, and do not know its anti-theft function, so it has good anti-theft effect, but this soft label must be attached at the production stage, so it is generally used by direct sellers. This kind of soft label is a one-time label, so the consumption is relatively large, and many merchants are not willing to use this.



  There are also many hard security tags,including pencil tags,golf tags,square tags,round tags,hard shell ink tags,high-heeled shoes tags,they can be mini,small or big,they also can be with lanyards.And they must use with tag pin,so they are mostly reusable.The hard security tag has a longer detection distance than the soft labels and has a long service life,very durable.Many merchants choose to use hard security tags to reduce costs and they have excellent anti-theft performance.There are many types of anti-theft tags for clothing store,it is necessary to use what type of security tags according to the situation of each store.



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