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What are the types of supermarket security, clothing security and library security supplies?

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What are the types of supermarket security, clothing security and library security supplies?


In daily life, we will see a variety of different anti-theft consumables in supermarkets, clothing stores, libraries, luggage stores, etc. Some are hard tags, some are soft tags, and there are some different styles of anti-theft supplies. Supermarkets often have various types. The labels are used, clothing stores and luggage stores often use hard labels, libraries generally use only soft labels, and some other businesses need to use anti-theft supplies are different. Today, we will introduce to you the various types of anti-theft tags.

Anti-theft tags can be divided into two categories: anti-theft hard tags and anti-theft soft tags. Among them, anti-theft hard tags can be subdivided into four categories: anti-theft tags, bottle tags, tank tags, and other types. The anti-theft hard tags are retracted after being removed by a special unlocker, and can be reused. A high-quality 48 Kg anti-theft deduction can generally be used for more than 8 years.

Anti-theft soft labels are mainly divided into radio frequency and sound and magnetic soft labels, are disposable supplies, can not be reused, in addition to a special point library security supplies, it can be used repeatedly demagnetization demagnetization.

  1. Anti-theft sound magnetic soft label: small size, easy to hide, built-in a substrate and three (or two) metal pieces, using strong glue paste on the goods, often used in the maintenance of valuable products such as cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, etc. . Easy to post, but can't be re-used in hiding in the product, the price is cheaper. Degaussing can only be done with a professional decoder.

 2, radio frequency anti-theft soft label: generally a square ultra-thin paper paste, it is easy to hide, built-in magnetic coil, commonly used in libraries, wine bottles, boxed items, etc., easy to post, the price is cheaper than the sound and magnetic labels, with Professional decoder can degauss.

 3, anti-theft deduction standard: volume is small and large, according to the number of orders Nanjing Bohang can be customized, high-quality general use of ABS engineering plastic shell, pure copper coil, special material magnetic rod, acoustic magnetic and radio frequency two, mainly used Knitting, garments, bags, shoes and caps, etc. The maintenance of products, supermarkets with anti-theft wire rope can be used for oil pots, pots and other high-priced items, difficult to damage, can be used repeatedly, long life, with a professional lock Unravel.

 4, bottle label: also called bottle anti-theft deduction, one is built-in cone cone, shell is ABS material, strong cohesion is not easy to destroy, there is a special use of red wine bottle buckle, mainly used for senior wine, The maintenance of valuable products such as beverages and bottles is similar in appearance to the ropes, with elasticity, and can be reused at the checkout counter with special equipment.

 5, tank label: also milk powder anti-theft deduction, the appearance is relatively large, built-in professional anti-theft coil, with a very high sensitivity, need to use a special unlocker unlock, mainly for milk, coffee and other canned class of valuable product maintenance, during There are two points for the middle of the milk powder tank and the bottom of the tank.

 6. Rope label: It is composed of anti-theft deduction and standard cord. It is mainly used for deduction of valuable special product maintenance that can not be used for detaining the fixture. Special products such as small household appliances and advanced water fixtures can be unlocked at the cash register with special equipment. reuse.

 7. Dedicated anti-theft protection box: It is mainly used for the maintenance of valuable products such as CD, VCD, DVD, battery, and blade. It can be reused at the cash register with a special device.

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