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What are the useful tips for supermarket anti-theft.

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Supermarket anti-theft is a necessary anti-loss measure for every supermarket. There are many kinds of goods, the attributes of the goods are not the same, and the methods how to anti-theft are different. Soft labels are usually used in supermarkets with packaging, such as chocolate, boxed goods, bags goods, etc. Hard tags are often used in large items such as clothing, bags, shoes, pots, etc., but not all goods can use soft labels or hard tags, many goods can not be anti-theft with EAS system, then only a few skills and measures can be used to reduce such losses. Today, let us talk about this skill and measure.


1. Try to install monitoring equipment near the shelves of valuable goods. Many thieves generally only look at the price of the goods, so they will steal high-value items as much as possible. The installation of monitoring in the vicinity of such goods can greatly reduce these losses.


2, when the soft label is attached, choose the hidden position to paste, although the adhesion of the soft label is very strong, but the adult can use force or tools to tear it off, so it should be attached to the inside of the box and the inside packaging tape as much as possible.


3, If large items, valuables can use hard tags, try to use hard tags. If some people steal more they will naturally found that the soft labels can be torn off, then it will not alarm, so hard tags can avoid this problem, this method plays very good anti-theft effect on large and valuables.

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