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What can be played after using the AM eas system?

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What can be played after using the AM eas system?


There are a lot of large supermarkets in the market today. Because of the large flow of people and the large number of products involved, this kind of large supermarkets is very complicated to manage. When goods are stolen, this will seriously damage the retailers. In order to effectively prevent such things from happening, retailers will install anti-theft devices. Nowadays, more so-called AM eas anti-theft system is used. What can be done after using AM eas anti-theft system?


 Bohang AM eas system


1. Improve the shopping atmosphere

   In the past, the clerk looked at the goods in a person-to-person manner, which would make consumers feel resentful. After using the AM eas system, the workload of the clerk can be reduced, and the clerk can concentrate on serving the customer, improve the service quality, and reduce unnecessary. Trouble, this will win more customers.

2. Saving store costs

Large supermarkets and shopping malls can't stand up to people. It is often necessary to hire more clerk, which will increase the operating and operating costs. If you choose a sound-magnetic anti-theft device with good quality, you can effectively save costs.


Bohang AM eas system 


3. Simplified management

The sound and magnetic anti-theft devices of large supermarkets can effectively curb internal piracy, ease the contradiction between employees and managers, and enable employees to devote themselves to work. On this basis, employees can be selected and optimized to improve the quality of clothing stores.

Deterrent effect

The sound and magnetic anti-theft device can not only prevent customers from catching up with the sheep, but also cause concerns when theft is stolen, and even directly eliminate the idea of stealing, which can play a deterrent effect on the thief and avoid disputes caused by human factors.

5. Enhance corporate image

The acoustic magnetic anti-theft device itself is a high-tech product with a beautiful appearance, which protects the product while also beautifying the shopping environment.

Bohang AM eas system

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