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What equipment does the clothing store eas anti-theft system need to match?

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What equipment does the clothing store eas anti-theft system need to match?



Recently, I received a phone call from some clothing store owners. They wanted to protect the safety of the goods in the store by installing the clothing store eas anti-theft system, so that the thieves could not take advantage of it. After some simple communication with them, I found that most business owners only know the clothing store alarm, and the business that is really familiar with the clothing alarm is still not enough. The following small series will give some equipment for the eas anti-theft system to be installed in the clothing store.

The clothing store should use the anti-theft eas antenna, the anti-theft eas tag, and the eas detacher to match it. The security door is installed at the entrance and exit of the clothing store. The anti-theft eas tag must be buckled on the clothing. After the comsumer pay the order, the cashier removes the anti-theft eas tag on the clothes with the eas detacher.Otherwise, the antennas will alarm when the clothing with the anti-theft eas tag passes through the security door.

How many security eas antennas do you need to install in a clothing store?

Some business owners think that one security eas antenna installed in one channel, one transmitting signal and the other one receiving signal. In fact, this statement is not correct. The distance between the two clothing security eas doors can't exceed 2 meters. The specific channel needs to install several security eas doors. It depends on the width of the channel and the maximum detection distance of the eas tags.

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