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What if the price of supermarket eas system is very low? [Bohang]

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What if the price of supermarket eas system is very low? [Bohang]


Many supermarket owners have a doubt when they buy supermarket eas system. They ask the supermarkets and the manufacturers to send different quotes, and the difference is quite big. Some quotes are very low, some quotes are very high. . Today, I will tell you how the price of supermarket eas system is low.

Bohang supermarket eas system 


Supermarket eas system are generally less than USD 150  for a complete set of supermarket eas system (including 2 antennas, decoders, anti-theft consumables). Such supermarket eas system often appear in smaller companies in Amazon or ebay, Searching for supermarket eas system on Amazon is usually low and scary. Most supermarket eas system are sold at a price. Between USD 100-150, not a price, the quality of such products is relatively general, because the technical and material problems can not last long. The appearance of the supermarket eas system is relatively rough. There may be no problem in the initial use, and the sensitivity is not bad, and the false alarm will not occur. However, after half a year, some false positives, no reports, and self-sounding problems will occur. . Moreover, they usually do not provide on-site installation and maintenance services, and can only provide the board for repair and repair. However, the installation of the supermarket eas system must be on-site to investigate and eliminate the interference factors in order to make the supermarket eas system in the latest state.


 Bohang supermarket eas system

 If you buy supermarket eas system just to shock some thieves' awareness and use, and don't expect to be able to really catch the thief, then you can consider choosing a supermarket eas system at this price. Therefore, when purchasing, you can choose a product that is easy to install and has a good appearance. With a lower price, you can block a lot of people who want to steal.

Bohang supermarket eas system

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