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What is RF system[Bohang China]

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  Rf system is composed by deactivator and security label/tag and the detacher as  assistant equipment.


  There are soft labels and hard tags. Soft labels are cheaper and they can be pasted in the "hard" merchandises directly but they cannot be reused. Hard tags are more expensive but they can be reused. There must be corresponding detachers matching with the tags that are more used in the soft and easy penetrable objects like clothes. The detachers are non-contact equipment with a high decoding capacity. When the cashiers are checking the merchandises out the labels/tags can be decoded without contacting the degaussing areas. There are some equipment that composed by deactivator and laser bar code scanner. They can do the gathering and decoding at the same time to increasing cashiers' working efficiency. But this need laser bar code scanner suppliers' cooperation to rule out the interference of the equipment and increase decoding sensitivity. The sensor is a detecting device at the passageways of the markets or at the cashier channels. After the right payments the cashiers can offset the labels/tags to let the merchandises leave legally. The merchandises without normal decoding will make the door detectors alarm when they are passing the channels. The alarm will remind the cashiers, customers and the EAS antenna to deal with the situation immediately.


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