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What is the anti theft systems for retail stores[BOHANG CHINA]

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What is the anti theft systems for retail stores[BOHANG CHINA]

As we all know,there are many types retail stores in our daily life,they involve a wide range of food, clothing, housing and travel, and is closely related to our lives.So there are many types anti theft systems for retail stores,what is the difference between these anti theft systems in different retail stores.

Bohang anti theft systems for retail stores

Goods in retail stores can generally be divided into two categories. One type is “soft” goods, such as clothing, shoes and hats, and knitwear. These types are generally protected by hard tags and can be reused. The other type is “hard” goods, such as cosmetics, food, shampoo, etc., which are soft label protection, degaussing at the checkout counter, usually for one-time use. For hard tags, the various types of anti-theft systems protect the types of goods. However, for soft labels, the effects are different due to the influence of metal objects.This also involves different types of anti theft systems for retail stores.

Bohang anti theft systems for retail stores

EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), also known as electronic goods anti-theft system, is one of the commodity security measures widely used in the large retail industry. EAS was introduced in the United States in the mid-1960s. It was originally used in the apparel industry. Now it has expanded to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and its application fields have also expanded to department stores, supermarkets, and various industries, especially in large supermarkets (warehouses), get fully developed.

As far as the EAS system detects signal carriers, there are already six or seven different systems. Due to the different characteristics of the detection signal carrier, the performance of the various principles placed on the system is also very different. So far, the six principles of EAS systems that have emerged are electromagnetic wave systems, microwave systems, RF systems, crossover systems, self-alarming intelligent systems, and AM systems.Our commonly used anti theft systems for retail stores is RF and AM systems.

Bohang anti theft systems for retail stores

Electromagnetic waves, microwaves, RF systems came out earlier, but due to their limitations, there is no significant improvement in performance. For example, although the microwave system can be easily and flexibly installed (such as hidden under a carpet or suspended from a ceiling), it is gradually detached from the EAS market due to insufficient liquid shielding such as human body shielding.The crossover system has only hard tags, which are mainly used for the protection of clothing and apparel, and cannot be used in supermarkets. The self-alarming intelligent system is mainly used for valuables such as high-end fashion, leather, fur coats, etc.; the AM anti theft systems for retail stores is a kind of electronic anti-theft technology. A major breakthrough has improved the EAS false alarms. Since its launch in 1989, it has become an electronic anti-theft system that many retailers around the world love. EAS system performance evaluation indicators include system detection rate, system false alarm, environmental interference resistance, metal shielding degree, protection width, types of protected goods, performance/size of anti-theft tags, and degaussing equipment.

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