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What is the detection performance of the buried eas system?

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What is the detection performance of the buried eas system?

       The buried concealed eas anti-theft system is the only concealed anti-theft system. The eas anti-theft system is almost seen in the store. The anti-theft antenna is buried in the ground or on the ceiling. The main unit and the power box are also hidden. The customer is completely invisible when passing through the entrance and exit. This kind of anti-theft device is the demand of many high-end stores, especially clothing, retail stores, art shops, etc. The vertical anti-theft device greatly affects the image and user experience of the store. However, many merchants do not know the performance of the buried anti-theft device. If the anti-theft effect is not achieved, the hidden anti-theft device is useless. Today, we will talk about the performance of the anti-theft system.


       Bohang ground concealed eas anti-theft system consists of three parts: buried antenna, buried host, power box, usually the antenna is buried in the ground, the host power box is on the ceiling, the antenna detection range is two meters in length and height is 1.5. -1.8 meters or so, it can effectively prevent this range of products, but the current underground can only use the big hoe hard label, can not use soft labels, so the supermarket is generally not recommended to install.

       The stability of the concealed buried anti-theft system is better than that of the vertical anti-theft device, because the performance of the big-tipped tag detection is the best and strongest, and the alarm rate is better than the vertical anti-theft device. This is our experience after installing many homes. If you don't know if your store is suitable for installing the buried system, you can contact Bobo Customer Service at any time, and we can answer it for free at any time.

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