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What is the principle of stores eas anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]

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What is the principle of stores eas anti-theft devices? [Bohang China]


With the development of society, theft is becoming more and more important, and the means by which thieves steal things is becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to protect the interests and avoid economic losses, many stores have installed stores eas anti-theft devices. A small stores eas anti-theft devices plays a key role in the anti-theft of goods, which can effectively prevent theft of goods and clothing in the store, and has a deterrent effect on the thief.



Customers entering the supermarket need to go through the stores eas anti-theft devices. If you bring something magnetic, it will ring, and if the customer enters the supermarket, you need to seal the personal items with the bag. This will reduce the chance of theft of goods to a certain extent. So what if the customer secretly hides in his pocket? Supermarkets generally have loss prevention personnel patrolling in the supermarket to find suspicious persons. So how does the supermarket security access control work? 

There are two methods for the anti-theft of valuable commodity supermarkets. One is soft magnetic, which is the sticker that we often see on things like toothpaste, facial cleanser, etc. When the checkout is checked out at the checkout counter, the cashier will be on a board after scanning the goods. Going back and forth, the purpose is to eliminate the magnetic properties of soft magnetic. After degaussing, it can prevent the alarm from being sounded when going out of the supermarket. The other is the magnetic buckle type, there are many kinds, most of the working principle is the same, the cashier will solve the magnetic buckle for the customer at the checkout, to prevent the stores eas anti-theft devices alarm.




Stores eas anti-theft devices is generally done through RFID. You can pay attention to the inside of the supermarket to sell clothing, socks have a large white button, which contains RFID chips. Then there is an RFID reader in front of the channel for payment. When you take the goods with big buttons and walk through the stores eas anti-theft devices, you will be alerted. This is why the salesperson has to take it off first.

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