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What is the significance of supermarket alarm system?[Bohang China]

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What is the significance of supermarket alarm system?[Bohang China]

As one of biggest EAS Manufacturers in China, Bohang offers the full range of EAS products: EAS RF/AM System, RF/AM Hard Tags, RF/AM Labels, RFID Tags, Etc; Equiped with the imported and self-developed automatic producing facilities, Bohang's daily output have reached 100,000 tagging products. Closely cooperated with customers abroad,Bohang has successfully built its customers’ relationship all over the world. Meanwhile, the professional and enthusiastic R&D team with advanced facilities and laboratory is always ready to provide customers with the most famous and fashion design products. With more than 10 years RFID experience, Bohang is with great passion and confidence to become your reliable supermarket alarm system supplier.

Operating a big supermarket is very big business. because you can get huge profits after operating a supermarket. However, a supermarket is a relatively complicated system. If you want to make the supermarket operate more smoothly, the supermarket alarm system is essential.With the advancement of technology, various technologies continue to innovate and improve. Anti-theft devices such as electronic product surveillance are also constantly improving. Its appearance has brought great convenience to retail stores and supermarkets.

In the process of supermarket operation, there will be a phenomenon of product loss and theft, which will bring great losses to the operators of the supermarket.Although the appearance of the supermarket seems to have only lost a very small item, the long-term accumulation will cause the supermarket's profit margin to decline, which will adversely affect the operation of the supermarket. The global annual loss due to theft exceeds $100 billion.However, if the supermarket operator can pay attention to this problem and choose to install a suitable anti-theft device in the supermarket, it can handle the problem of anti-theft, which can greatly reduce the loss of the supermarket and make the supermarket gain more profits.

In the past, to deal with theft, many supermarket operators installed surveillance cameras and assigned staff to monitor them.Of course, this practice often causes customer resentment, especially in some clothing stores. It is not convenient to install the camera. Now you only need to install hard tags to solve such problems, and then create a more and more harmonious shopping environment.

In the past, I recruited a large number of employees to look after the products. The cost is large, and even if such monitoring is carried out, theft will still occur.Sometimes it's easy to judge mistakes and bring reputational damage to customers. Affect the reputation of the supermarket. This problem can be avoided by using an electronic article security device. It can also reduce the cost of investment.

In response to the global loss of nearly $100 million a year, retailers are in desperate need of new anti-theft technology to reduce losses. Merchandise Label Integration - A technology that integrates anti-theft tags into goods or merchandise packaging during the production process.Because of the integration of commodity labels, merchants can present products in front of customers in the form of open shelves, so the sales of goods increased by 25%, and the loss rate decreased by 50%.

With the development of international economic integration, more and more domestic and international retail owners are considering using or already using tagged goods.On the one hand, it can reduce the labor cost of the loss prevention department of the merchant. On the other hand, because the label is very concealed, neither the customer nor the clerk can distinguish whether the label is attached to the product, which can prevent theft. 

If you are running a supermarket but have not yet configured a retail security system. Consider buying some anti-theft accessories. He is worth investing in.

Founded in 2001, focused on the EAS solution for helping worldwide customers to decrease shoplifting, Bohang Electronic has done with the most endeavor and proved its success in the hard competition in the hard competition in the recent years. 

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