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What is the solution for the clothing store anti-theft EAS system if the store are with Shutter doors[BOHANG]

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 What is the solution for the clothing store anti-theft EAS system if the store are with Shutter doors[BOHANG]


As we all know,most clothing store door are shutter doors,so when the clothing store owner plan to install the clothing store anti-theft EAS system,how should they do?At the first,you should understand the basic components of clothing store anti-theft EAS systems.The anti-theft antenna is divided into AM antenna and RF antenna,the anti-theft tags is divided into hard tag and soft labels,if for hard tags,they need to use EAS tag remover to remove,if for soft labels,they need to use decoder to remove them.For some clothing stores,they need to use lanyards to match with hard tags.

Bohang clothing store anti-theft EAS system

The clothing store anti-theft EAS system of clothing store with shutter doors installed the entrance and exit under the roller shutter door , usually installed with AM or RF main and auxiliary antennas, buried antenna, a host antenna can be combined with one or two auxiliary antennas, The protection spacing if one main antenna and one active antenna is 1.6-2.6 meters, and the effective protection spacing of one main antenna and two auxiliary antennas is 3.2-5.2 meters. The longer door distance of the clothing store can be installed in multiple ways. It fully satisfies the product loss prevention requirements of the clothing anti-theft, and the layout is more beautiful. The customer has completed the loss detection test unconsciously during the settlement process, and does not affect the customer's free shopping experience.

Bohang clothing store anti-theft EAS system

How many piece clothing store anti-theft EAS systems do you need to install?We can calculate the approximate number and location of clothing store anti-theft EAS system installed according to the design of the entrance and exit of the clothing store, the placement of the model, and the location of the checkout counter.According to the entrance and exit door distance of the clothing store, the number of clothing EAS system is roughly calculated.Calculate the specific installation location based on the placement of the model and the position of the checkout counter.Calculate the number of anti-theft tags and lanyards based on the size of the clothing store.

Bohang clothing store anti-theft EAS system

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