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What items do you need to pay attention to during the use of supermarket anti theft soft labels?

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What items do you need to pay attention to during the use of supermarket anti theft soft labels?

Speaking of eas soft labels, supermarkets are a lot of goods are anti-theft through it, although soft labels are also widely used in the anti-theft of goods, but people's understanding of the anti-theft soft labels is still superficial, in fact, soft labels in the use process of many places to pay attention to, otherwise it will not play a very good anti-theft effect.


In the process of using soft labels, we should pay attention to the following points:

1.Eas soft labels should be pasted on the surface of goods or merchandise packaging, smooth and clean surface, can not be bent. Because the structure of the soft label is like a coil, when the soft label folds or bends too much, it will break the signal of the soft label, resulting in the soft label can not alarm.

2. Do not stick eas soft labels on goods or packages where important instructions are printed so as not to obscure information.

3. The arc surface commodities, such as bottled cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, washing products, etc., can be directly pasted on the arc surface soft label, should pay attention to flat.

4.In order to prevent the illegal tear of labels, labels used sticky sticky adhesive. Be careful not to stick on leather goods. If the label is torn off forcibly, the surface of the goods may be damaged.

5.Eas soft labels can not be directly attached to metal and tin foil products. Because of the shielding effect of metal and tinfoil on soft labels, the signals of the labels will be shielded when the soft labels are affixed to such commodities, and the alarm effect will not be achieved.

6.Soft labels can not be overlapped. Because the frequency of each soft label is 8.2 MHz, and the frequency of the eas door is 8.2 MHz, the label will alarm after the detection area, and when the label overlap the frequency of the label will change, may be less than or greater than 8.2 MHz, can not reach the standard frequency of the detection door.

Eas soft labels play a very important role in the anti-theft of goods. If the whole eas anti-theft system can not operate properly because of our improper use, then the installation of anti-theft system is not too meaningful, so we must pay attention to the relevant matters when using eas soft labels. If you have any questions about the security of goods, you can pay attention to our website - Nanjing Bohang Electronics!

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