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What kinds of supermarket anti-theft eas system are there? [Bohang]

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What kinds of supermarket anti-theft eas system are there? [Bohang]


When we go to the supermarket, we usually see several alarm doors standing at the entrance or exit at the entrance and exit. These alarm doors usually grow almost the same. If the goods are not degaussed or the anti-theft buckle is released, the supermarket alarm door will alarm. Although they all look the same but the performance and principle are still somewhat different, today we will introduce the types of supermarket anti-theft eas system.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system

There are two main types of supermarket security door installations, namely RF anti-theft device and acoustic magnetic anti-theft device. The RF anti-theft device is an anti-theft system invented more than 20 years ago. It uses the frequency of 8.2MHz radio frequency to alarm. The anti-theft device and the tag are all 8.2MHz frequency, but because of the low frequency, some items can reach this low frequency. The value of the attachment increases the probability of false alarms, so the interference performance is weak.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system

The sound and magnetic anti-theft eas system, is divided into an acoustic magnetic vertical antenna and a buried antenna. It is a recently developed alarm device after radio frequency. It is widely used at present. The frequency of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device is 58KHz, and the frequency is much higher than that of the radio frequency. It also makes it difficult to influence the false positives, has strong anti-interference ability and is widely used. The buried antenna is a special kind of anti-theft device. It is completely hidden, and the appearance is invisible. However, the alarm function is also the same, which is suitable for medium and high-end supermarkets and clothing stores.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas system

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