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What should I do after the alarm of the supermarket anti-theft security system? [Bohang China]

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What should I do after the alarm of the supermarket anti-theft security system? [Bohang China]


For shopping malls, theft of goods is an unavoidable problem, and for supermarkets that are open for sale, the phenomenon of product theft is not only widespread but also very serious. Then, as a supermarket manager and security personnel, what should be faced when the alarm system is triggered by a thief? Today Bohang China will share with you how to deal with the supermarket anti-theft security system after the alarm.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft security system

When the system issues an alarm, the security personnel or staff designated by the store should go forward as soon as possible. The general principles of handling include the following:


1. You cannot pull customers by hand.

2. With a smile and simple words, let the other party know what you want to say in a short time.

3. Be careful not to use words that suspect customers take the store, and avoid using words such as “suspicious,” “stealing,” “taking,” and “checking.”

4. Security personnel should stand at the exit to deal with customers when the system issues an alarm.


Each supermarket may have its own rules and regulations in this regard, but the basic processing steps are roughly the same, generally including the following:


1. With a smile, politely let the customer retreat outside the inspection area, and then the guest said: "I'm sorry. You may have unprocessed labels on the items you buy. Would you please help us with the label?" Do not touch the customer.

2. If the customer carries the goods, after obtaining the customer's consent, the hand-held customer's goods pass through the position of the detector receiving rod (note: be sure to make the product as close as possible to the receiving rod antenna), if the alarm is caused, the customer can be said : 'There are labels in these products that have not been processed. Please follow me to the cashier to let the cashier handle it for you. ”

3. If the system is not detected again, the system should not be apologetic. We should sincerely apologize to the customer. You can use this statement: "Sorry, your time has been delayed, thank you for your cooperation." Send the customer out of the door.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft security system

4. If the customer has other items from the store, they should continue to test until all items have been tested.

5. After the customer returns to the checkout counter, the customer should be told that you want to find out which cashier has forgotten to process the label. Ask the customer to show the cashier's receipt and explain this in order to avoid making mistakes again in the future.

6. If the customer presents the shopping receipt corresponding to the product, immediately remove or decode the label and apologize to the customer in good faith, and send the customer to the gate.

7. If the customer can't get the invoice or the ticket, ask him/her to indicate which cashier is collecting the money. When the customer can't tell which cashier is the cashier or can't find evidence of the payment at the cash register, please He/she explained that if the explanation is not convincing, please ask the police. Only when the customer admits that the goods have been taken and there is no payment, can the customer be dealt with according to the relevant regulations of the company.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft security system

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