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What should I do if the supermarket eas anti-theft system fails during use?

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What should I do if the supermarket eas anti-theft system fails during use?


 When we visit the supermarket frequently, we will encounter the embarrassing situation of the supermarket anti-theft eas system—— we have already paid the money,however, when we passed the supermarket eas anti-theft doorat the exit, it suddenly rang. At this time, the supermarket staff immediately came over and checked. The items we bought. What is the reason for this? The purchased goods have already been paid, and they are inexplicably being thieves by the staff.

In fact, even if the quality of the supermarket anti-theft eas system is not used properly, it will be faulty. There are two reasons for the problems of supermarket anti-theft eas system: quality problems and improper management, then how do we solve problems in the use of supermarket anti-theft eas system?

If there is no alarm or false alarm in the supermarket anti-theft eas system, it will usually be analyzed from the following aspects:

First: Why does the eas antenna not alarm when the products with eas tags pass through the eas antenna?

1. The supermarket intelligent anti-theft eas system works with electricity, so the first point is to check whether the power supply is turned on and whether the plug has fallen.

2. The eas tag will alarm when passing through the antenna, and the eas hard tag can be used to check the antenna;

3. The eas antenna is very susceptible to interference from metal objects, so be sure to check for metal objects around the eas antenna.

 Second: How to solve the situation of false alarms on the eas antenna?

1. The eas antenna is a proprietary power line, so other electrical equipment is not allowed on this line;

2. The electric equipment cannot be used within two meters of the antenna, which will affect the function of the supermarket burglar alarm;

3. There is no coil coil within ten meters, because this coil will generate a certain magnetic field, which will affect the alarm;

4. Be sure to keep a certain distance from the eas antenna at the checkout counter;

5. This system is based on the eas tags to alert, so check if there are any eas tags around;

6. The eas hard tag should be kept at a certain distance from the detacher. The eas hard tag is preferably stored in a metal case.

 Third: the detacher does not decode

1. The first point is to check the power supply. when the detacher does not decode, if the theft occurs, not only that it can not be found in the first time, but it also has to mobilize the anti-theft monitoring system, which can be quite troublesome;

2. Check if the connection between the detacher and the decoder board under the checkout counter is intact. If there is a break, turn off the power and reconnect.

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