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What should I pay attention to when purchasing a clothing anti-theft eas hard tags?

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What should I pay attention to when purchasing a clothing anti-theft eas hard tags?

Many clothing stores will install a eas security system to reduce theft by using clothing anti-theft eas hard tags. However, some merchants often only consider the quality of the anti-theft eas antenna when purchasing the eas anti-theft device. There are fewer requirements for the anti-theft eas hard tags, and some even choose from the price. Imagine if you bought a bad quality anti-theft eas hard tag, the eas antennas will not be able to alarm when the customer walk through the eas anti-theft door, and there are some anti-theft eas hard tags on the market that can be easily unlocked by the eas detacher purchased on Internet.

The anti-theft eas system is installed to protect the safety of the goods in the store and not to allow the thief to take advantage of it. The anti-theft eas hard tag plays a big role in the entire anti-theft eas system. If we neglect its quality during the purchase, the loss of the product will not be worth the loss. Therefore, we must be cautious when purchasing anti-theft eas hard tag.

When buying, you must purchase the clothing anti-theft hard tag through regular channels.

To find a formal production, a powerful factory, in order to have quality assurance. Those anti-theft eas hard tags with poor quality and low price are not good, and the sensitivity is too low, which will cause trouble to the physical store and affect normal business. There are relatively few stores selling clothing anti-theft eas hard tags on the market. If you want to buy, you can introduce some manufacturers by looking for peers. You can also enter the keyword of "clothing anti-theft eas hard tag" on Google to search for manufacturers who regularly produce anti-theft eas hard tags. It is best to let the manufacturer send some samples before purchasing the anti-theft eas hard tags to test the effect of it.

Clothing anti-theft eas hard tags should be equipped with a professional eas detacher

The anti-theft eas hard tag is to be attached on the clothes to be burglar-proof. When the clothing is displayed, it is necessary to manually buckle the clothing on the clothes. Then, the customer needs to use a professional eas detacher at the checkout counter when checking out the goods. Open the anti-theft eas hard tag, the anti-theft eas door will not alarm any more.

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