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What should we do for the stolen incident after the store installing a clothing EAS system alarm ? [BOAHNG CHINA]

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What should we do for the stolen incident after the store installing a clothing EAS system alarm ? [BOAHNG CHINA]

The current life of people must be inseparable from one thing, that is Online Shopping(Amazon, overseas Amoy, Alibaba)! ! I think not only ordinary people can not do without Online Shopping, thieves who do bad things can not do without online shopping too! Recently we have a customer, their clothing store installed a clothing EAS system alarm, but still appeared stolen, it is not the alarm does not work, but these anti-theft security tags installed on the clothing were opened by the thief with tag remover, In this way, it is natural that there will be no alarm when the clothes are taken out from the store. The thief's crime tools are purchased from online shopping, so there is a problem with unrestricted sales.

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So how do you avoid this happening for your store when you already install  clothing EAS system alarm ?

1. The tag remover bought online has low magnetic force. It can open the general pulling force anti-theft security tag. You can choose to use the strong magnetic anti-theft security tags with good pulling force. The pulling force is above 48kg. The inferior tag remover can't be open.

 2, Choose to the use of slippers-type anti-theft security tags, this anti-theft security tag can not be opened with a magnetic tag remover, can only be opened with a manual or electric tag remover, the size of the manual tag remover is also relatively large, so the use of this anti-theft security tag is very rare .

eas system

3, a small number of valuables use spider anti-theft tags or electronic anti-theft tags, usually these tags have triple anti-theft function, the possibility of taking clothes in the clothing store is very small, but the price is relatively expensive, so suitable Used in high-priced clothing.

The measures of anti-theft of clothing are different in each store. It is necessary to find out some habits suitable for their own clothing stores. It cannot be said that all of them follow the skills of others, and the combination of anti-theft measures can truly prevent theft.Install a suitable clothing EAS system alarm, choose the appropriate clothing anti-theft tags for your shop.If you have any doubt for clothing EAS system alarm and clothing anti-theft tags,please contact BOAHNG without hesitation.

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