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What should we do if the clothing anti-theft security tags in the clothing store is always opened by violence? [BOAHNG CHINA]

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What should we do if the clothing anti-theft security tag in the clothing store is always opened by violence? [BOAHNG CHINA]


Many clothing store owners also installed clothing anti-theft systems, mainly AM and RF anti-theft systems. These anti-theft systems can effectively prevent thieves from taking away no payment clothing, but some shopkeepers tell us when they consult BOAHNG. In the clothing store, there is always a clothing anti-theft security tag that ares violently opened, and then the clothes are stolen, usually in the fitting room, but it is impossible to install monitoring in the fitting room, so this situation is encountered. It’s really hard to prevent. So how do you solve this problem? Today,BOHANG will teach some practical methods for you.

anti-theft security tags


1.rom the clothing anti-theft security tags to start

a lot of shopkeepers in the choice of anti-theft system only pay attention to the problem of anti-theft antenna, just pay a little attention on the anti-theft accessories, and some shopkeepers find that the clothing anti-theft security tags are not enough in the clothing store,they choose to by some on online.They do not know the quality of the clothing anti-theft security tags. Generally, the tension of the anti-theft security tag that can be violently opened in the fitting room is not good, and the quality is not up to standard. Therefore, we must choose a few more clothing anti-theft security tags to do trials, if a strong man to pull hard, how to pull will not be bad,you can initially determine that the quality is good, such clothing anti-theft security tag with a hammer is difficult to open.

2.you can choose more concealed AM or RF soft labels

There is a soft label wrapped in a non-woven fabric, which is usually sewn on the inside of the garment, which is difficult to find, and it will not be known that it is an anti-theft soft label, more like a manual. However, these types of labels are all install in the factory, and it is unrealistic to install them by yourself.

anti-theft security tags


If you also encounter some problems that are difficult to solve in the clothing anti-theft security tags of the goods, we will provide a suitable anti-theft solution to help solve the overall anti-theft problem.

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