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What should you pay attention to when buying a supermarket eas anti-theft system?

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What should you pay attention to when buying a supermarket eas anti-theft system?


In order to reduce the losses caused by stolen goods, supermarkets generally put an anti-theft tag on the easily stolen goods. When the customer takes the anti-theft tag through the supermarket anti-theft device at the exit, the supermarket anti-theft device will issue The alarm sound of the drip plays the role of anti-theft, and it can also save manpower and material resources. Although the supermarket anti-theft function is powerful, but in the face of so many brands of anti-theft devices on the market, what are the things we should pay attention to when buying supermarket anti-theft devices?

First, we must pay attention to the detection rate of supermarket anti-theft eas system.

Because there are many kinds of items in the supermarket, both soft labels and hard tags are used when labeling. Since the effective monitoring distances of soft labels and hard labels are different, it is necessary to test the effective detection rate of the supermarket anti-theft device. Due to environmental factors, there will be some interference when the device is in use. When the valid tag enters the monitoring area, the anti-theft antenna does not work properly and an alarm sounds. The installation distance also affects the blind zone. The effective distance of the soft tag is relatively short. The recommended installation distance is 1.2m. At the time of installation, the installer must be tested repeatedly. If the false negative rate is too high, the installer needs to reproduce the adjustment installation distance or the surrounding environment.

Second, the false positive rate is a measure of the performance of the entire supermarket alarm.

False positives are unavoidable in all supermarket anti-theft devices. There are many reasons for false alarms in normal operation. In fact, most of the causes of false positives depend on the performance of the machine itself. DSP digital signal processing system, the false alarm rate is particularly low. Some relatively cheap supermarket anti-theft devices, using analog signal processing methods, relatively low anti-interference ability, it is easy to cause false positives.

Third, choose a guaranteed after-sales service.

Even if the quality of the supermarket anti-theft device we purchased is already very good, in the process of use, due to improper operation, or environmental factors, our equipment can not work properly, so we must pay attention to after-sales service when choosing to buy a business. This aspect.

The warranty period of Nanjing Bohang anti-theft device is super long, and the normal one-year shelf life can be extended to five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. The installation plan is provided free of charge, and the training services such as installation and use are provided at the door, and the product use training service is provided on the day of direct sales customer installation. Every year, the company conducts regular annual inspections of commodity anti-theft devices to ensure the normal use of anti-theft, clothing and anti-theft devices.

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