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What types of supermarket eas system are there? How should we choose?

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What types of supermarket eas system are there? How should we choose?


Many large and small supermarkets now have supermarket eas anti-theft system installed, because the installation of supermarket eas anti-theft system can prevent retailers from stealing goods and reduce losses. However, there are many kinds of supermarket eas anti-theft system on the market, so how do we choose the supermarket security door? Below, Bohang Electronics will introduce you for your reference.

There are many types of eas security doors on the market, but there are only two types of supermarket eas anti-theft system commonly used in supermarkets. The first one is the RF security door, and the second is the AM security door.

The biggest feature of the supermarket eas anti-theft system  is that it is almost zero false alarm. When the eas hard tag attached on the product enters the detection area of the system, it will resonate, which will trigger the alarm of the supermarket anti-theft device. Because of the principle of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device, the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system can be highly resistant to interference, almost zero false positives, and the anti-theft detection rate is high. The width of the protected outlet is obviously longer than that of the radio frequency, and the maximum can reach 2.7 meters. Both eas hard tags and eas soft labels can protect most things in the supermarket, and can be degaussed even in our cash register system. It is the first choice for supermarkets. However, the disadvantage is that the production process and installation process of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device is more complicated than the radio frequency, so the price is also more expensive than the radio frequency anti-theft device.

The advantages and disadvantages of the RF anti-theft eas system are just the opposite of the AM eas anti-theft system. Because the radio frequency anti-theft device uses radio waves as the signal for transmitting and receiving, the radio frequency anti-theft device is characterized by low price and convenient installation. Because the RF eas hard tag is a toroidal coil type, many coil items or electronic products with similar tag frequency will trigger the system and generate false alarms. Therefore, compared with the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device, it is easy to generate false alarms. The detection rate of the device is generally around 80%. The RF system is also available in both hard and soft tags. It can also protect most of the goods in the supermarket (the supermarket protection rate is 80%, the clothing protection rate is 100%), and the sending and receiving distance is generally not more than 1.2 meters. That is, the RF system is completely shielded by metal foil paper. The anti-theft label is close to or attached to the metal foil paper, which will invalidate the label and cause the system to miss the report. However, these shortcomings can also be overcome.

As can be seen from the above, the advantages and disadvantages of acousto-magnetic and radio frequency, each supermarket can choose the supermarket eas anti-theft system that suits itself according to its own supermarket situation, but in the current society, because of the almost zero false alarm characteristics of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft eas system, the AM eas system is still more common in practical applications than RF eas system. Suitable for anti-theft in supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, clothing stores, pharmacies, cosmetics stores, libraries, pharmacies, bookstores, bookstores, etc.

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