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What will supermarket eas anti-theft system look like in the future?

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What will supermarket eas anti-theft system look like in the future?


Supermarket eas anti-theft system is mainly eas AM anti-theft system and eas RF anti-theft system. These two systems are based on the principle of frequency resonance between eas anti-theft antenna and anti-theft eas tags. The frequency of RF anti-theft is lower, so there are more false alarms, the frequency of AM anti-theft is higher, and the anti-interference ability is much stronger. This is the two commonly used anti-theft systems, but this anti-theft system also has many drawbacks, can not protect all goods,and more time-consuming and labor-intensive increase in labor costs.

With the development of science and technology, our supermarket eas anti-theft system is constantly improving these drawbacks. For example, the current anti-theft technology is constantly improving. We will combine the anti-theft device with the Internet for transformation. Once someone fails to pay for the settlement goods, the anti-theft eas system will alarm and upload the signal to the plan. The calculator port, so that people who control the background can take targeted measures to prevent theft.

Another technology will be applied to the supermarket anti-theft system in the near future, that is, face recognition technology. By looking at the face recognition records of customers, when customers pay and settle accounts, if there is no settlement system, they will record the customer information, so that they will not be afraid to run away. We can't know exactly what science and technology will develop in the future, but it must be more and more accurate and convenient in the development of science and technology. To improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs is the only way we must take for our development.

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