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What you need to know when choosing eas anti-theft security system [Bohang China]

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What you need to know when choosing eas anti-theft security system [Bohang China]


Today, store eas anti-theft security system isbecoming more and more popular. Therefore, how to choose the appropriate anti-theft system is especially important. Bohang China answers for you. The price and performance of each anti-theft system vary greatly in appearance. Our anti-theft system materials are acrylic, aluminum and ABS, we only use the best materials. Next, let's discuss some important aspects of the anti-theft system selection.


 Bohang eas anti-theft security system


There are several types of general store eas anti-theft security systems. Convenience stores, specialty stores, specialty stores, including clothing stores, audio-visual stores and other stores with a business area of several hundred square meters, all adopt the method of total export detection and protection. Large supermarkets, large shopping malls, warehouse shopping centers, etc. are all suitable for checkout channel type detection and protection, similar to the installation of carrefour stores. The specific installation method should be designed according to the actual situation.


Bohang eas anti-theft security system


Both methods can control the anti-theft investment in the unit business area within a certain range, including equipment investment and anti-theft personnel investment, which can significantly improve the deterrent effect of theft prevention. According to our experience, the EAS anti-theft device per square meter of business area is controlled within USD 20. The larger the business scope, the lower the equipment investment cost. Knowing some basics when purchasing a product eas anti-theft security system can help reduce routines and purchase them correctly.

Bohang eas anti-theft security system

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