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What you should pay attention to when using EAS am soft label[BOHANG CHINA]

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What you should pay attention to when using EAS am soft label[BOHANG CHINA]

Before using EAS am soft label,you must know anti-theft system operating practices.Let's do an experiment.Prepare corresponding training materials,some pieces EAS am soft labels,some products,like shampoos, shower gels, cosmetics, health products, foods, etc.

bohang EAS am soft label

Tips for using EAS am soft labels:

EAS am soft labels should be affixed to the concealed parts of the product as much as possible, and the position should be changed frequently.Such as 400ML Rejoice shampoo, you can carefully tear the adhesive tape behind, and then stick the soft label inside and then stick the adhesive tape back.like 400ML SHAXUAN shampoo can open the cover and stick the soft label On the inside of the cover, this way, it will not affect the beauty of the product and the soft label can be concealed.

bohang EAS am soft label

Try to avoid covering important information on the product's outer packaging. Such as: product ingredients, instructions for use, etc.For example, 50 grams of Magnolia Oil Whitening Revitalizing Cleansing Milk, we can open the outer cover, and then take out a layer of paper inside.Put a soft label inside,then put the paper back in place and then cover it. Do not stick the product of metal screen cover inside the cover.

bohang EAS am soft label

How to paste some products with metal or foil,like Shaver, battery.These products have metal or tin foil, but as long as we master the use skills and use our brains, we can also use EAS am soft labels on these products.

The packaging inside the product is tin foil packaging, and it is lined up in small packets one by one.If the soft label is affixed on both sides of the package, it will be flat with the goods packaged in the tin foil, resulting in the soft label shielding being not protective. But not all sides can not be affixed. There are two sides of such products that can use soft labels.

bohang EAS am soft label

Like Shaver, battery,are relatively small in value and expensive.If there is no metal or foil packaging, you can consider filtering soft labels.

EAS am soft labels should be affixed at a certain rate, targeted, and focused on protecting certain products. Only a part of the products placed on the shelf need to be pasted, not 100%.

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