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Where can I use anti-theft eas hard tags?

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Where can I use anti-theft eas hard tags?


The anti-theft eas hard tag (also called anti-theft eas buckle) is made of high-strength ABS engineering plastic. The lock core is made of pure steel material. The pulling force is above 48kg. The built-in magnetic bar is pure copper coil, and the solid core high-quality iron bar makes the detection performance efficient. Can be widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, food, cosmetics and other commodities.

Anti-theft eas hard tags can be divided into bottle labels, deduction labels, can labels and other types of labels. Different types of goods should be selected with different labels. The anti-theft deduction is removed by the cashier after using the buckler, and then recovered, and can be reused.

Anti-theft eas hard tags are mainly used in places of use

1. The maintenance of clothing, shoes and hats, daily miscellaneous goods, leather goods and other products mainly use deduction, deduction is difficult to damage, can be reused, long life, requires a professional decoder to unravel.

2. For the maintenance of valuable products such as premium wine, beverage, and bottled products, the bottle anti-theft buckle, which is the bottle label, has a similar shape to the rope loop, and has elasticity. It can be used at the checkout counter and can be reused.

3, milk powder, coffee and other canned valuable products for maintenance, that is, the tank standard, in the middle of the milk powder tank body and the bottom of the tank body, in the cash register with special equipment to unlock, can be reused.

4. For the valuable special product maintenance of the fixed device that cannot be deducted, the rope mark is used. The rope mark is composed of anti-theft buckle and standard rope, such as small household appliances, advanced water appliances and other special products, and is opened at the checkout counter with special equipment. reusable.

There are many types of eas hard tags. When purchasing anti-theft eas hard tags, you must choose according to your own product area. For different products, the specific choices are different. Generally, they can be reused and will not be on the product. Damage is caused and does not affect the appearance.

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