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Where is the eas system for small and medium-sized supermarkets installed? [Bohang]

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Where is the eas system for small and medium-sized supermarkets installed? [Bohang]


More and more small and medium-sized supermarkets choose to install eas systems. Many shopkeepers will consider the installation location of the eas system. Different types of stores should be different when considering anti-theft measures in the design of the store. Today, we combin the cases in which our engineers installed equipment for supermarkets in the past two years, summing up the location of the supermarket installation, usually at the total exit, or the checkout channel.


eas system

The eas system at the general exit is installed after the customer leaves the cashier passage, generally more than 3 meters from the nearest cashier channel. Depending on the size of the store and the condition of the export equipment, 2 to 5 devices are installed to protect 1-4 channels. When using the RF single-seat supermarket anti-theft system or the acoustic magnetic supermarket anti-theft system, there is a small channel that can be used normally on both sides. The general channel equipment is 1-1.6 meters, which fully meets the supermarket's product loss prevention requirements and aesthetics. The customer conducts damage prevention detection and commodity check at the settlement to the damage prevention audit port to help the customer check whether all the purchased goods are taken away, and the situation that the customer forgets to take the goods is avoided. Fully reflects the supermarket's care for customers.


The eas system is installed at the isolation guardrail of the cash register channel. One device protects two independent channels. The detector is between the two checkout counters. The effective protection distance is 0.6-0.8 meters on one side, which fully satisfies the supermarket. Commodity loss prevention requirements, while the layout is more beautiful, the customer has completed the loss detection test unconsciously during the settlement process, does not affect the customer's free shopping experience, and greatly takes care of the customer's psychological feelings, the customer's self-compliance is sufficient protection of. Allow customers to maximize the recognition of the supermarket.


eas system

Supermarket anti-theft system design principles:


(1) Guarantee the normal circulation of personnel and goods yards


(2) Facilitate the handling of police situations by security personnel


(3) Ensure that goods are effectively protected

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